In order to present a diverse programme, we prefer to receive a variety of themes and activities. There is a strong preference for showing demonstrations that match at least one of the conference topics Safe.Smart.Sustainable.

  1. The goal is to have a good representation and spread of the demonstrations between an initial idea and a pre-commercial prototype with high TRL levels.
  2. Demonstrations with integrated solutions covering the main theme of Safe. Smart. Sustainable. is preferred.
  3. Safety is an important precondition. The safety of participants, conference visitors and spectators must be guaranteed. Organizers of demonstrations (demonstrators) are obliged to take out sufficient insurance for all risks associated with the demonstrations and their equipment.
  4. During a demonstration there is something to see or experience and personal English and Dutch explanations are given about the content of the demonstration. A demonstration should not be confused with a lecture or a workshop.
  5. In principle, the demonstrations take place in normal traffic on public roads or on public land. This is considered a small demo. Only RDW approved vehicles, services or products are shown.
  6. Demonstrations on closed roads are also possible in consultation. This is considered a large demo. If desired and possible, the A270 roadway will be closed at a certain time during the week and made available for demonstrations. The demonstrator is responsible for obtaining an exemption from the road authority and/or RDW on time. The organization of the Automotive Week can take care of appropriate traffic measures. Tailormade agreements will be made between the demonstrator, the competent authority and those responsible for the Automotive Week 2023.

What is included in the costs


  1. Promotion by the Automotive Week communication department through various marketing tools, such as the website, social media.
  2. Extensive information folder available in advance with company logos, description and pictures of the demonstrations. This will be distributed on site to guests and media partners.
  3. Footage of your demonstration will be freely used by the Automotive Week communication department with reference to the source.

On-site services

  1. Each demonstrator receives 2 free entrance tickets for each conference day on April 16, 17 and 18, including catering during the day.
  2. An attractive open space with, among other things, good signage stating demonstrators, signage and a safe layout of the demonstration area.
  3. Barries, cones, fences and pedestrian safety needs around the demonstration area.
  4. Access to open circuits or open roads if necessary for a demonstration, subject to regulatory approval.
  5. An assigned location on the Automotive Campus of approximately 5 x 5 meters with 3 basic powerpoints (220V) and including two reserved parking spaces.
  6. The terrain used for the demonstrations is public road or non-public road. The Automotive Campus has a closed demonstration circuit in the front parking lot and part of the (closed) public road with an intersection and a traffic light.
  7. Demonstrations on public roads are subject to regulatory approval.
  8. Sufficient space is available on site for the preparation of the demonstrations. This testing must be done in consultation with the demo manager at fixed times.
  9. Free coffee/tea during the construction, dismantling and demonstration days.

What is not included in the costs?

  1. All set-up, removal and operational costs of the specific demonstration, including rehearsals.
  2. Costs for rental electricity, internet access (wired / Wi-Fi), equipment, extension cables and other specific needs for the demonstration (tents / marquees, catering, storage, etc.).
  3. Insurance costs (materials and people must be fully insured).
  4. Specific security of products, vehicles and systems.
  5. Audiovisual resources and marketing materials from your own organization related to the demonstration.
  6. Costs for approval or exemption by the competent authority.
  7. Additional catering, travel and accommodation costs.


April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

The SolarOnTop saves around 2.000 liters of fuel per year, that’s almost 7 tonnes of CO2!

IM Efficiency is a technology scale-up from the Netherlands and we’re making trucks sustainable. Instead of only focusing on the truck itself, we use renewable energy sources in the trailer. We believe that the trailer is the key to creating fully sustainable transportation that is reliable and affordable. Our first product is SolarOnTop: a plug&play upgrade for trucks and trailers to reduce diesel fuel consumption with onboard solar energy. Flexible solar modules on top of the trailer generate electricity, a technology that is durable, light weight, and ultra-thin. An intelligent energy management system decides what to do with the solar energy to have the biggest impact: it can be stored in the SolarOnTop lithium battery for later use, or supplied directly to the truck and trailer to save fuel. At IM Efficiency, we turn trucks into mobile solar parks. That’s why we say: we make trucks love the sun.


Mobility Sensing takes every street online with StreetSense. Combining state-of-the-art IoT and AI technology in a compact autonomous device jam-packed with sensors, StreetSense can provide live data on the state and use, of any road. At the Automotive Week 2023, Mobility Sensing will demonstrate how StreetSense can be deployed and what data it delivers.

VR Experience

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Get a VR Experience at ACE Mobility where vehicles will show you what is going on in the automotive and mobility world. A quiz will test your knowledge about new technologies and innovation. Visit our VR Experience!

TU/e Ecomotive: ZEM

April 16, 2023

TU/ecomotive will showcase Zem, a car that cleans the air while driving. We are solving the problem of the large emmissions within the mobility sector. We have build a car that is climate neutral because it filters CO2 out of the air while driving.

Watch the video!


Just imagine it: step into your car and the dashboard, navigation tools, traffic updates and the outdoor temperature are all projected onto the windscreen. Meet the concept car during the Automotive Week.

The product range of Sekisui includes components for automotive interiors, exteriors and electronics. With over 26,000 employees in around 200 highly specialized companies throughout the world, the Sekisui Chemical Group delivers a wide range of well-founded expertise, innovative products and services.

H2-Combustion: Accellerating decarbonization

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Based on funding by the Dutch government TNO, together with partners has developed a H2 combustion engine. Part of the development work takes place on the Single Cylinder Engine. Advantages of the H2 engine is the huge CO2 savings (>99%), compared to diesel. It is not sensitive to H2 purity, and the engine has a high power density, comparable to Diesel Engines.

Watch the video.


Proto-type facility: From system integrator to complete vehicle building.

Capgemini Engineering in Helmond is the specialist for complete vehicle building of demonstrator vehicles, testing vehicles and production vehicles. Our core focus is on sustainable drive-line integration and ADAS and AD system integration for all markets and brands. During the facility tour we show a complete vehicle project and what we can bring on new technology integration.

Capgemini Engineering will show several interesting demos and give a sneak preview of their newly planned battery test center. 2 highlights:

  • Battery test center.

The need for validation and certification of high-capacity battery cells, modules and packs has sharply increased and has become a critical challenge for OEMs and tier 1 suppliers due to the enormous complexity and rapidly changing technology. In our newly built Battery Testing Laboratory, we provide performance testing for battery cells, modules and packs with regard to efficiency and effectiveness, aging tests as well as safety and reliability tests. We also support with corrosion, vibration and environmental testing.

  • Hardware in the Loop testing.

An important advantage of a HIL simulation is that an estimate of the expected behavior can be obtained during the development of a design. A further advantage of a HIL simulation is that all kinds of simulations can be performed without risk, which are very difficult or hardly impossible in reality. This results in great benefits in terms of time and costs. During the facility tour we show a live demonstration of a HIL application.

Watch the video.

NXP sensor test vehicle

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

NXP Semiconductors builds sensors and processors for ADAS solutions, such as automotive radar. We test and validate new sensor innovations using our own test vehicle, both on closed circuits as well as on public roads. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) provide the safe and increasingly autonomous experiences that will reshape our relationship to transport. The technologies of the automated driving domain will soon allow passengers a personalised and connected experience as vehicles seamlessly sense, think and act on real-time road situations.


Hydrogen Car

April 16, 2023

HAN Hydromotive demonstrates their innovation with a hydrogen car, better for the ear.

More information.



Green Caravan

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Green Caravan develops 100% fossil-free charging hubs for electric cars and trucks, which operate independently from the electricity grid. In this way, Green Caravan tackles the two most important global challenges of charging electric vehicles: the roll-out of charging infrastructure and the fossil footprint of electricity.

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