In order to present a diverse programme, we prefer to receive a variety of themes and activities. There is a strong preference for showing demonstrations that match at least one of the conference topics Safe.Smart.Sustainable.

  1. The goal is to have a good representation and spread of the demonstrations between an initial idea and a pre-commercial prototype with high TRL levels.
  2. Demonstrations with integrated solutions covering the main theme of Safe. Smart. Sustainable. is preferred.
  3. Safety is an important precondition. The safety of participants, conference visitors and spectators must be guaranteed. Organizers of demonstrations (demonstrators) are obliged to take out sufficient insurance for all risks associated with the demonstrations and their equipment.
  4. During a demonstration there is something to see or experience and personal English and Dutch explanations are given about the content of the demonstration. A demonstration should not be confused with a lecture or a workshop.
  5. In principle, the demonstrations take place in normal traffic on public roads or on public land. This is considered a small demo. Only RDW approved vehicles, services or products are shown.
  6. Demonstrations on closed roads are also possible in consultation. This is considered a large demo. If desired and possible, the A270 roadway will be closed at a certain time during the week and made available for demonstrations. The demonstrator is responsible for obtaining an exemption from the road authority and/or RDW on time. The organization of the Automotive Week can take care of appropriate traffic measures. Tailormade agreements will be made between the demonstrator, the competent authority and those responsible for the Automotive Week 2023.

What is included in the costs


  1. Promotion by the Automotive Week communication department through various marketing tools, such as the website, social media.
  2. Extensive information folder available in advance with company logos, description and pictures of the demonstrations. This will be distributed on site to guests and media partners.
  3. Footage of your demonstration will be freely used by the Automotive Week communication department with reference to the source.

On-site services

  1. Each demonstrator receives 2 free entrance tickets for each conference day on April 16, 17 and 18, including catering during the day.
  2. An attractive open space with, among other things, good signage stating demonstrators, signage and a safe layout of the demonstration area.
  3. Barries, cones, fences and pedestrian safety needs around the demonstration area.
  4. Access to open circuits or open roads if necessary for a demonstration, subject to regulatory approval.
  5. An assigned location on the Automotive Campus of approximately 5 x 5 meters with 3 basic powerpoints (220V) and including two reserved parking spaces.
  6. The terrain used for the demonstrations is public road or non-public road. The Automotive Campus has a closed demonstration circuit in the front parking lot and part of the (closed) public road with an intersection and a traffic light.
  7. Demonstrations on public roads are subject to regulatory approval.
  8. Sufficient space is available on site for the preparation of the demonstrations. This testing must be done in consultation with the demo manager at fixed times.
  9. Free coffee/tea during the construction, dismantling and demonstration days.

What is not included in the costs?

  1. All set-up, removal and operational costs of the specific demonstration, including rehearsals.
  2. Costs for rental electricity, internet access (wired / Wi-Fi), equipment, extension cables and other specific needs for the demonstration (tents / marquees, catering, storage, etc.).
  3. Insurance costs (materials and people must be fully insured).
  4. Specific security of products, vehicles and systems.
  5. Audiovisual resources and marketing materials from your own organization related to the demonstration.
  6. Costs for approval or exemption by the competent authority.
  7. Additional catering, travel and accommodation costs.

NXP sensor test vehicle

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

NXP Semiconductors builds sensors and processors for ADAS solutions, such as automotive radar. We test and validate new sensor innovations using our own test vehicle, both on closed circuits as well as on public roads. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) provide the safe and increasingly autonomous experiences that will reshape our relationship to transport. The technologies of the automated driving domain will soon allow passengers a personalised and connected experience as vehicles seamlessly sense, think and act on real-time road situations.


Hydrogen Car

April 16, 2023

HAN Hydromotive demonstrates their innovation with a hydrogen car, better for the ear.

More information.



Green Caravan

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Green Caravan develops 100% fossil-free charging hubs for electric cars and trucks, which operate independently from the electricity grid. In this way, Green Caravan tackles the two most important global challenges of charging electric vehicles: the roll-out of charging infrastructure and the fossil footprint of electricity.

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Score a goal, win a cookie!

RoboTeam Twente competes in the RoboCup, the World Championship of autonomous robot football, where our team of eleven robots faces off against other student teams from all over the globe. Do you think you can score a goal against our AI keeper? Visit our demo and test your skills!


The student team Electric Superbike Twente showcases their self-built race bike in a demonstration, showcasing its agile design. With advanced electric propulsion and innovative design, the bike used to race past onlookers with ease, leaving a lasting impression of the team’s engineering skills.

With our new batteryswap technology, our team will show that a high voltage battery can be exchanged safely during a race. This will result in faster lap times due to a lighter bike and inspire the general mobility sector to use these technologies to keep innovating in electric mobility.

Watch the videos:



Climate change remains one of the main societal challenges humanity is facing in the 21st century, with road transport as one of the main contributors to carbon emissions. Whilst the implementation of electric vehicles can reduce carbon emissions, the adoption is lagging as barriers exist for consumers. One important barrier is the slow charging times of electric vehicles and even fast charging is still too slow!

Therefore, student team InMotion develops cell-level cooling technology which aims to facilitate ‘Electric Refueling’, meaning that the charging times of electric vehicles become equal to those of refueling petrol-powered cars. Showcasing the possibilities of Electric Refueling in the toughest conditions, being endurance races, will show its potential anywhere. Ultimately, InMotion dreams of showcasing Electric Refueling at the 24h race of Le Mans.

Rijkswaterstaat: traffic management

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Rijkswaterstaat is an executive organization of the Dutch Ministry of Transportation and Watermanagement.

Rijkswaterstaat maintains and develop national roads, waterways and open waters, and will be supporting a sustainable environment. With others we commit ourselves to a country that is protected against floods. With sufficient nature and sufficient and clean water. Where you can travel fluently and safely from A to B. To be engaged with others to make the Netherlands safe, livable and accessible.

Management area of main highways network.

  • 0,7 percent of the Netherlands are highways
  • These highways are among the most
    intensively used roads in the world
  • 68 billion vehicle kilometres on a yearly basis
  • 3 million road users on a daily basis

To perform traffic management we have 5 regional traffic centers in the Netherlands. All 5 traffic centers are responsible for safety and flow on our highways every traffic center has their own area. The traffic center in Helmond is responsible for the highways in het southern part of the Netherlands, the provinces Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg.


Road to Zero-Emission

April 16, 2023 - April 19, 2023

Westport Fuel Systems shows its Dual Fuel Truck solution, that is the intermediate one to Zero emission, and the final Zero-emission H2-HPDI truck solution. Both offer a low Total Cost of Ownership. These developments are part of the Dutch Funding programs.

In order to present a scalable yard automation solution it is also important to consider the use case of short distance low speed manoeuvring on a distribution center with a Cost Efficient Yard Automation Solution (CEYAS). A new solution is demonstrated by TNO that amongst others can be used to move fully loaded trailers on a yard while the electrical road vehicle are being charged or scarce drivers utilized on public road logistics.

Electrification and driver shortage leaves the logistic sector with new challenges. The Verhagen Leiden yard automation contributes to the solution of these challenges by better utilisation of drivers (public road deployment) and equipment (charge electrical trucks on yard) by automation solutions that take over on-yard logistic tasks. Automated trailer movers also expand the pool of outdoor automation solutions (yard tractors, public road trucks) and with that supports the development of a scalable automation solution such that the best logistic solution/vehicle can be chosen for the job.

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The TU/e University Racing Team (URE) builds an electric and autonomous racing car to win the Formula Student competition. The team shows the possibilities for a driverless and electric racing car to accelerate the developments.