Our very first keynote speaker is Karen Vancluysen: Secretary General at POLIS. The theme of Automotive Week 2023 matches perfectly with the activities of POLIS. POLIS aims to have various stimulating dialogues between governments and industry at the event. Karen will open the Automotive Week with the keynote ‘Governing Innovation – Innovating Governance: Mobility challenges & opportunities in the city of tomorrow’. A great opportunity to have an interview with this gamechanger!


What kind of organization is POLIS?

“We are a leading European network of cities and regions around sustainable mobility and innovation. We provide a platform for an equal exchange of information between those cities and regions, so that they can learn from each other. We also represent the interests of our members towards the European institutions and we connect and collaborate with the industry in order to improve innovation. We also help our members with participating in research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission.”

Why is it important for POLIS to be present at Automotive Week 2023?

“The theme of this Automotive Week is the basis of everything we do at POLIS around urban mobility. But be aware: technology is not the ultimate goal we aim for; it is a tool to make mobility policies smarter, safer and more sustainable. Therefore, we want to stimulate the dialogue between governments and industry during the Automotive Week 2023, because in this way it is possible to create mutual benefits. Helmond, Eindhoven and North Brabant are also very active members of our network, so I’m looking forward to get to know their local ecosystem even better.’

Can you give us a sneak preview: what are you going to discuss during your keynote?

“I’m going to talk about the need to regulate innovation. This way we can make it policy-supportive. But it is also important that we remain flexible to stimulate innovation. And beyond that, I will zoom in on the mobility challenges and opportunities in tomorrow’s city and I will address the solutions needed to make all the changes successful’

What challenges are we talking about exactly?

“If we want to achieve the European ambitions in the field of climate neutrality, road safety and air quality, our mobility in cities must change radically. In particular, the purpose and the use of the car must be critically examined. That also applies to the lack of space for the most sustainable alternative means of transport. There need to be more room for that.’

Karen Vancluysen’s keynote will take place on Monday, April 17, between 11:30 and 11:45 am.

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