The Dutch road network has many traffic jams. This affects not only accessibility and thus the economy, but also the safety of all road users. There are currently dozens of developments and innovations that help solve these problems. According to Stephanie Leonard, Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs at TomTom, traffic management and digital maps play a crucial role in this. She will talk more about it during a so-called deep-dive session during Automotive Week.


Can you tell us something about the organisation you work for, TomTom?

‘TomTom is a so-called location technology company. We are a Dutch manufacturer of navigation systems, traffic information and mapping products. Our mission? To build the world’s smartest digital map.’

What will you talk about during the deep-dive session at Automotive Week?

‘I want to take attendees into the future of traffic management. What does it look like? I also want to dwell on the role of digital maps. How can they help us build the world’s smartest and safest transport system?’

What is the relationship between your contribution and Automotive Week’s theme: ‘Smart, Safe and Sustainable’?

‘That one is obvious. Our technologies are smart and contribute to a safer and more sustainable transport system. Indeed, we can hardly imagine a world without digital maps anymore.’

What are key challenges in your field?

‘Inflation and a shortage of materials have caused prices to soar, including in the automotive sector. Car manufacturers are therefore under great pressure to keep prices low for consumers. At the same time, we as a sector have a mandate – by using the latest technology – to make vehicles as safe and sustainable as possible. Of course, this comes at a price. Meeting that challenge is therefore no easy task.’

Besides being a speaker, you are also a visitor to Automotive Week. What do you hope to get out of your visit?

‘I would like to learn more about broader developments in the automotive industry. In the Netherlands, but also beyond. In addition, I look forward to reconnecting with the Dutch ITS community! Because of Covid and my maternity leave, it has been a while since I spoke to these colleagues. I really enjoy seeing them again!’

Finally, why should people come to Automotive Week?

‘It really is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest innovations within our sector and to listen to inspiring speakers. So do come!’

The deep-dive session on innovative traffic management with Stephanie Leonard and others is on Tuesday 18 April at 13.30.

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