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  • Discover your passion for Smart. Sustainable. Safe.

  • Develop your skills to change the future of mobility
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Grand opening with (inter)national keynote speakers Patrick Dean (DAF Trucks), Joost Vantomme (ERTICO), and Karen Vancluysen (Polis)
  • Highlighting milestones to achieve Smart. Sustainable. Safe. mobility

  • Mark Harbers (Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management), Anne-Marie Spierings (Regional Minister Province of North Brabant), Elly Blanksma (Mayor of Helmond) will together with Winfried Hermann (minister of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg), take part in the opening ceremony and talkshow.

  • In the international symposium Steve Phillips (CEDR), Cecilia Braun (EGTC Rhine Alpine), Tatiana Kováčiková (ERAdiate+), and Zuhal Gül (SmartwayZ.NL) are our guests.

  • Have a look at the detailed program

 (international) Keynote Speakers
  • Panel discussions  “Innovations for liveable cities” and “Towards Zero casualties in 2030”

  • A panel discussion on “Innovations for liveable cities” with Nina Nesterova (Breda University), Dieter Klein Nagelvoort (Arriva), Theo Thuis (European Parking Association), and Tamara Goldsteen (Municipality of Helmond).

    Another panel discussion on “Towards zero casualties in 2030” with Ilse Harms (RDW), Magnus Granström (SAFER/Chalmers) and Martijn Stamm (TNO).

  • Deep dive sessions

    • Digitalisation on mobility and cybersecurity
    • Digital platforms
    • Influence of AI
    • Innovative traffic management
    • Do’s and dont’s of autonomous shuttles
    • Transition in public transport due to digitalisation and urbanisation
    • Challenges on safety of automated driving
    • Innovative traffic management and infrastructure
  • With amongst others, participants like Tim De Ceunynck (mobility expert LRM), Giulia Renzi (ICOOR), Theo Thuis (Q-Park), Evelien Marlier (IMEC), Magdalena Szymańska (E-mobility coordinator of Gdansk) and Axel Bergweiler (Bahnen der Stadt Monheim GmbH).

  • Demo’s and lab tours

  • Have a look at the detailed program

With international experts Karl Viktor Schaller (University of München) and Nikita Zaïko  (Lindholmen Science Park)
  • Panel discussions on “Towards zero emission mobility”  and “Technologies towards zero emission”

  • Deep dive sessions:

    • Next generation batteries
    • Innovations in (smart) charging infrastructure
    • From fossil fuels to hydrogen solutions
    • Innovative solutions on urban mobility challenges
    • Behaviour change towards zero emission mobility
    • Light weight solutions for zero emmissions
    • Testing safety of powertrains
  • Demos on the Campus site

  • With amongst others speakers are Nikita Zaïko and Rodrigue Al Fahel (Lindholmen Science Park), Rob Kroon (FIER Automotive), Jeroen Borst (TNO), Jeroen Steenbakkers (Argaleo), Gerben Bootsma (RWS), and Roelof Hellemans (MaaS).

  • Have a look at the detailed program

“Smart, connected vehicles make an important contribution to an accessible and safe living environment. Good cooperation between automotive parties, governments, road authorities and social organizations is the key to maximum social return. The playing field towards the mobility transition is constantly changing. The Automotive Week offers the various stakeholders the opportunity to make new value cases more concrete, so that together we can ensure the much-needed acceleration.”

Cathelijne Hermans, Associate Director Sustainable Mobility Haskoning DHV Nederland B.V.

“The automotive industry has drastically evolved in recent years. The automotive week in Helmond is a unique meeting place and ultimate accelerator to achieve smart, sustainable, and safe mobility.”

Brigit van Dijk – Van de Reijt, CEO BOM
“Societal challenges we face must be solved through technological innovations. The industry also needs to be incentivized: what is in it for me and how can we make that transparent? In addition, our government can support our industry more and work directly together to develop new technologies and implement the right solutions at the right time.

We will continue developing sustainable mobility like hydrogen and electrification solutions to continue our strive for zero-emission and our industry can build more impact and speed if we can manage less bureaucracy and regulations to speed up and create new technological development.”

Albie van Buel, Managing director RAI automotive Industry NL

The Dutch Automotive and Mobility community has been recognized internationally for years as a progressive innovative ecosystem. At Automotive Week 2023, these developments and achievements will be collected, presented, and discussed.

Lex Boon, Director Automotive Campus

“In the Brainport-region we work in partnerships to develop safe, CO2 neutral and fast travel. I firmly believe that the automotive week can contribute immensely to this common goal. It is an opportunity to address the challenges in mobility, and explore sustainable and safe ways of traveling. With the growth of our region, it’s vital to consider alternative forms of transportation that are as eco-friendly and safe as possible.” 

Paul van Nunen, Director, Brainport Development

“The shift from automotive towards mobility is becoming increasingly visible. This transition places high demands on both education and industry, with a specific demand for different skills and competences. To keep the automotive sector future-proof, deploying the right skills is more important than ever before. Keeping the range of training offered by educational institutions up to date and offering life-long learning paths for the industry will contribute to this transition. The Automotive Week is an excellent opportunity to engage with our community to strengthen the cooperation between education and industry, so that we are ready for the future and the challenges ahead of us.”

Saskia Lavoo, General Manager, ACE Mobility